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We offer a full service workshop.
Anything from a brake tune up to a full strip down and rebuild.

Oh and yes, we’re Cytech qualified too.

Because we are busy, an appointment is always necessary for repairs and servicing.

Please call us on 0161 222 6015 for the next available date.

Your bike must be in the shop before 11am on the day of its appointment, but you can bring it in the evening before if that’s more convenient.

It will normally be ready by 5.30pm that afternoon.

We offer two levels of servicing for your bike and you can see what’s included below. Not all bikes require this much attention so we do offer an ‘a-la-carte’ service menu for small repairs to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We can only assess your bike accurately if you bring it down to the shop.

Please phone or drop us an email if you would like to discuss your requirements.

To view our comprehensive labour price list scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Servicing Price List

All prices are for labour only and do not include the cost of parts.

Full Strip Down Service Currently not offered
This service is a full strip down of all parts down to the bare frame. A thorough overhaul, this service will restore your bike to its former glory. Includes:

  • Bike stripped down to the frame, cleaned & checked for damage. Threads are cleaned and greased.
  • Headset and bottom bracket once removed are checked for damage, cleaned, greased and re-fitted.
  • Wheel hubs are disassembled, checked for damage, cleaned, greased and reassembled.
  • Wheels are checked and trued if necessary.
  • All moving parts are cleaned, checked and oiled.
  • Gears and brakes are aligned and adjusted accordingly.
  • All cables are replaced, inner and outer, (these are include, does not include hydraulic hosing).
  • Brake pads are checked for wear, (replacement cost not included).
  • All nuts & bolts are tightened to correct torque settings, chain oiled & tyres inflated.
General Service
This is a basic service recommended every six to eight months for daily users or depending on usage. It covers all of the working parts but does not include stripping the bike down, cleaning and re-greasing. It does include the following:

  • Frame and fork inspected for damage and alignment.
  • Headset and bottom bracket are checked for play and adjusted as necessary/if possible.
  • Wheel hubs are checked for play and adjusted as necessary. Wheels are checked for true.
  • Gears and brakes are aligned and adjusted accordingly.
  • Moving parts are oiled. Nuts and bolts checked, chain lubricated and tyres inflated.

The replacement of cables and brake pads is common in a service and will greatly improve the gear shifting and the braking performance. The fitting of these is included but parts are extra. Replacement of bottom brackets, headsets and wheel truing not included.

Labour Price List

All prices are for labour only and do not include the cost of parts.

If you can’t see what you want please ask.

Wheel Building (more info on our wheel building page.)
We can hand-build you a wheel with any combination of spokes, hubs and rims you choose. Prices depend on the combination you choose and differ for front or rear wheels as well as whether the parts were supplied by us or not.Labour charges start from (per wheel) £30.00
Wheel Truing
Front or rear wheel true / replace spoke/sfrom £10
Puncture Repair (All prices plus cost of tube)
Wheel supplied independent of bike£5
Wheel on bike£10.00
Hub gear on bike£12.50
Fit Tyre / Cassette / Freewheel
To a loose wheel£5
To a complete bike£10.00
Cup and cone hubstrip & re-grease£10.00
Sealed bearing replacement£15.00
Adjust brakes, per end£7.50
Fit brake blocks, per end£7.50
Fit disc brake pads, per end£7.50
Fit disc brakes:
  • each
  • pair
Bleed disc brakes:
  • each
  • pair
Adjust gears, per end£7.50
Fit derailleur£10.00
Fit chain and cassette£10.00
Replace freehub body£15.00
Replace chainset square or octalinkfrom £10.00
Outboard bearing from £15.00
Replace headset, bottom bracket or outboard cups£15.00
8 speed Alfine oil dip, 11 speed Alfine oil change or Rohloff Oil change£15 plus oil
Fitting of Accessories
Tape drop bars£7.50
Fit full mudguards£15.00
Fit/swap pedals or left hand crank£3.00
Fit dynamo system£30.00
Fit battery lights£3.00
Fit rear luggage rack£5.00
Fit low rider£7.50

All fitting prices based on accessories purchased from Keep Pedalling.