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Rohloff Service Centre

We are a Northern Rohloff Service Partner.

Rohloff hub in all its glory.We’ve built a fair few Rohloff equipped bikes over the years and put in a many miles on our own, solos and off road tandem. Early days at the shop saw a flurry of Surly Ogre Rohloffs going to lucky owners so we decided to build up a demo for you to try. This way you’ll be able to see and feel just how these fantastic pieces of engineering work. We have a medium Brother Big Bro fitted with a Rohloff so come check it out!

Already have a Rohloff? Need an oil change? Need a rim brake version converted to disc? Have you (or someone else…) damaged your sprocket carrier? We’re an appointed Rohloff Service Partner for the North West so can help you with all these jobs, just give us a call.

  • 526% range of gears (equivalent to typical 27 Speed MTB derailleur system)
  • 14 Individual gears (no wasted overlaps or duplicates)
  • Evenly spaced 13.6% gear increments. (no sudden big jumps)
  • Ability to shift whilst stationary or under load.
  • Super efficient sealed Oil bath mechanism (95-99%)
  • Adjustment and maintenance free over thousands of miles.
  • Gear positions are indexed inside hub, thus negating critical cable tension adjustments.
  • Precision German engineered (in use Worldwide in the hardest of races and regions.)
  • Super reliable, can be used for virtually all disciplines, including Tandem and Downhill.
  • Lightweight – approx 1.7Kg, but replaces a lot of conventional gear components!

Rim brake only hub prices start from £1100.

Disc hubs from £1250.

If you would like to discuss your own Rohloff project then please get in touch.

This is where most of our Rohloff hubs end up – in Surly Ogre, Troll, Trucker or Krampus and Salsa Marrakesh custom builds.