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Dynamo hubs & USB chargers

Lights and hubs and USB charging… Oh my!

We use hub dynamos systems all the time and on all kinds of bikes.

There are too many good lights out there for us to list on our little website but we mostly use Busch+Müller as they have proven themselves well made and reliable. For off-road use such as 24-hour mountain bike racing the USE Revo is a neat solution that fastens to the handlebars and throws out 800 lumens, more than enough to see where you’re going. We’ve used these very successfully whilst doing events like the Bearbones 200.

Get in touch or pop in to see what we’ve got and discuss your options.


Invariably a lot of our builds use an SP dynamo hub as it’s a good value product available in a range of colours and options – including a 15mm bolt thru version and now a 150mm fatbike / Jones compatible unit.

Son (Schmidt’s Original Nabendynamo) units are available in many different options and finishes, with a five year warranty, though you are unlikely to need it.

We also use Shimano dynamo hubs, which we’d normally recommend for city bikes.

USB charging!

Sinewave Revolution USB Charger


The Sinewave Cycles Revolution is a bicycle dynamo powered USB charger. It converts electricity generated by hub and bottle dynamos to USB output. The Revolution allows users to charge USB-powered devices while riding.

Features include:

  • Best in class efficiency
  • High Speed Overload Protection
  • Simple Installation
  • Shock and vibration toughened
  • Waterproof
  • Gold-plated USB connector won’t rust or corrode

Full specification on the Sinewave Cycles website.

NEW Cinq5 Plug5 Plus


The Plug5 Plus is the latest evolution of Cinq5’s fully integrated power supply for your bike. The integrated rechargeable battery makes sure you can also charge your device under difficult charging conditions and it is now possible to charge your device whilst running your dynamo light. Full specs on the Cinq5 website.

  • The Rotary-Door twist lock mechanism closes the USB-C port completely and protects it from moisture and dirt
  • Smart Charge: The Plug5 plus adapts to the dynamo hub and optimizes the charging current
  • The integrated mini-power-bank makes sure you have energy while stopping or going at a slow pace
  • Intelligent Device Management: The integrated charging circuit recognizes automatically your device and negotiates the correct charging current
  • Auto-Light-Switch: Switches automatically between the different charging modes allowing charging and operating the light at the same time
  • Auto-Power-Save: The Auto-Power-Save will be activated automatically depending on the power level of the mini-power-bank and optimizes the buffer functionality

The original Cinq-5 Plug III, which doesn’t charge and light at the same time, is still available for £145.

Lights that charge!

Sinewave Beacon Headlight


The Sinewave Cycles Beacon Headlight is a 750 Lumen Dynamo powered front light with integrated USB charger.

Features include:

  • Flexible power option. Connect an external USB battery pack to maintain bright, flicker-free light even when stopped or riding slowly.
  • Charger Priority Mode: Intelligently balances power between light and charger to optimize simultaneous use.
  • About 5 minutes of standlight when stopped with a fully charged supercapacitor.
  • Colour options! A choice of colours (TBC) PLUS We are able to custom order mix-and-match different colors for the front, middle, and back of the Beacon.
  • The 10mm mounting tab is compatible with mounting hardware from B&M, Supernova, Schmidt, etc.

And so much more! Read the full specification on the Sinewave Cycles website.